2016 Otway 300 - welcome.

Norm, Kylie and I have been working on this event for a wee while now and we are really excited to have you join us for the inaugural year.

Please bear with us as there is a lot of information to share with you so that we all enjoy ourselves and have a fantastic weekend of riding and racing.

Imagine... your base is in the mountain bike mecca of Forrest, over 2 days we take you through some of the biggest parts of the Otways Ranges, covering some 300km and climbing more than 6000m.
This is not for the faint-hearted and we thank you for joining us on this challenge.

Remember its this weekend! Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd April 2016

Where you ask?
The O300 starts and finishes in Forrest each day. Forrest is approx 2hrs SW of Melbourne, located in the foothills of the Otways.

Take a moment to remember why you signed up!
The concept, like many great ideas...think Albert Einstein, “I thought of that whilst riding my bicycle” , the O300 was devised whilst Jess Douglas, the course creator was actually out riding the routes you are about to embark on over 2 days.  
The ridgeline that separates the southern ocean and the idyllic farmland of the Otway region contours the coastline for over 200kms.
The ranges majestically overlook the ocean, reaching heights of more than 600mts above sea level.  You will find subtropical rainforest, towering gum trees, authentic Australian native bush, plantations and edged with fluorescent green pastures on one side, with a the beautiful coastline that boasts the Great Ocean Road on the other.  
You can ride as hard as you and your partner like, but we do ask that you look up and take it in, even on some of the long climbs remember how awesome this journey is.
Once you start riding you will understand why...yes it’s for the challenge, how much climbing you can endure, how many kilometers you can travel and in what time, yes it’s all that, but it’s for the experience, the journey, the excuse to ride your bike in a beautiful place and have us do all the planning for you.

We hope you enjoy riding it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

How to get to Forrest

From Melbourne head towards Geelong along the Princes Fwy.

Take the Ring Road around Geelong, follow the signs towards Colac. At the end of the Ring Road continue on to head towards Colac. Follow the signs to Colac heading west. Continue past Winchelsea and look out for the Birregurra - Forrest turn off to your left, approximately 17k past Winchelsea. Turn left and head towards Birregurra. At Birregurra, turn left and follow the signs to Forrest. Pass through Barwon Downs and continue on to Forrest.

From Apollo Bay: Head West away from Apollo Bay, and take the Colac sign at Skenes Creek. This road can be very challenging so please take care and drive slowly. Continue approximately 35k towards Forrest.


Forrest has a number of accommodation options. Most of these can be found at www.rideforrest.com.au
Free camping can be found at Lake Elizabeth, which is a 10 min drive from the race venue.
Camping sites are available at the Wonkey Donkey Stables (Forrest Caravan Park)- please call them on 03 52 36 6275

Facilities / Dining in Forrest

There will be a variety of food on offer in town.
The Corner Store Forrest will be open from 6am on Saturday and 5am on Sunday with light breakfast options available on both days. Ph: 5236 6571

Friday and Saturday night dinner will be available at either:

  • Forrest Brewery - Ph: 5236 6170

  • The Wonky Donkey - Ph: 5236 6035

  • Bespoke Harvest (The Forrest Guesthouse) - Ph: 5236 6446

It is highly recommended that you book your dinner options as early as possible.

Real Coffee and Hot Chocolates. Cold drinks will also be available throughout the weekend from:

  • Forrest Brewery (Meals Breakfast, lunch and dinner, Beer, coffee, cakes, cold drinks)

  • The Corner Store Forrest (Located on Station Street) (Coffee, Boscastle Pies, cakes, cold drinks)

  • Bespoke Harvest - Forrest Guest House (meals)

  • The Wonky Donkey (meals & drinks)

  • The General Store (Coffee, Cold Drinks, snacks and grocey items)

Please support these local business' as they support our event.

Sunday afternoon from 1pm - 4pm the Forrest Lions Club will be running a Sausage sizzle, make sure you pack a fiver or a tenner in your day pack so you can grab one as you finish.

Colac is also a 30 mins drive out of town for those who have the time for a meal after the race.

Friday 1st April - 5 - 7.30pm - Forrest Brewery

Remember your MTBA card (You will need it - or you can purchase a day license for $20)
At registration you’ll receive your race number and zip ties.
We’ll be taking pre race pics, so make sure you have your make-up done!


Briefing - Friday 1st April - 8pm (approximately 30 mins) Forrest Community Hall

Everything you need to know, all questions answered.  Compulsory to attend.


Mandatory Gear - You need it to race.

To run an event like this, we have to submit a risk management and emergency management plans to 6 different councils and organisations. Getting these accepted has required us to eliminate ‘risk’ and ‘aid’ an emergency situation.

You never know, you may need to be of assistance to someone else, though we hope this does not happen.
The playing field is even when you all abide the rules, so we will be checking that you have what is required and everyone is doing this.
From the top end Elite riders to the pairs that will scrape in at last light, if it’s a rule for one, it’s a rule for all.

We have insurance and permits in place that have been approved on these conditions so please help us to keep running this event year after year with good practices in place.


Each Pair must carry the following between them:

  • Waterproof Jacket x 2

  • Water: 750 ml per person

  • First Aid kit x 1: Must include-  space blanket

  • 1 x Tube to suit your wheel size

  • Tyre levers, pump / Co2, patch kit, Multi tool/chain breaker etc..

  • Mobile phone

  • Emergency Food, the equivalent of 2 bars or gels per rider

  • Rear and front flasher. Best options are the ones that take a battery, not USB charged as these last more than 6hrs.


Other items to bring:

Nutrition: Yes we will provide food at the marshal stations, but we suggest to carry your own preferred gels, bars or snacks, just in case you don’t like what’s on offer.

Bike: Make sure you bike is serviced and in good working order.

Helmet: Australian Standard Helmet

Clothing: Dress appropriately, prepare for the Otways conditions.

MTBA Card: Your current MTBA Card must be presented at Registration on Friday night. If you do not show a current MTBA licence, we can add the day license to your registration for $20.

Mobile Phone / Spare Battery / Charger: Start the race with a FULL battery. If you plan on having a long day, consider a spare portable battery.

Money  / Card - we strongly recommend withdrawing cash prior to arriving at Forrest. Last time we looked, there was no ATM in town.


Bottle / Food Drops

We highly recommend making use of our marshal points to pick up your own nutrition to save on time and to have your personal mix that suits you waiting for you.

You will need to get the bottle yourself with one foot down and be aware of other riders whilst doing so.
It is not the marshal’s job to hand you the bottle.  If you are doing food drop attach to bottle via tape or elastic band for example.

Day 1 will have 6 marshal points/bottle drops.  Day 2 will have 5 marshal points/bottle drops.

You will be able to drop off your supplies STRICTLY no later than 30 mins prior to the race start time.  We will have each marshal point with KMs, marked on milk crates. These will be located at the start area of each day.

So you can visualise and plan for this, here is a quick overview of the kilometer points for each marshal point:

Day 1

Marshal Point 1- 24km
Marshal Point 2 - 56km
Marshal Point 3 - 83km
Marshal Point 4 - 95km
Marshal Point 5 - 128km
Marshal Piont 6 - 155km

Day 2

Marshal Point 1- 21km
Marshal Point 2 - 45km
Marshal Point 3 - 69km
Marshal Point 4 - 84km
Marshal Point 5 - 96km


Rider Cut offs

There will be no DNF’s for this, but if you leapfrog the leaders in your category by doing this...well you get the drift.  We will take note of your numbers and you will get a finisher’s medallion.  We know that in 2017 you will come back and finish it proper.

Day 1 is very long, its meant to be, this event has never been advertised as a gentle ride in the hills! Its epic, its meant to test you.  But we are also entering into a time of year where the sun rises later and sets earlier. We have a window of around 12hrs to get you in before it would be dangerous to have you out there longer.  By the time you get to Glenaire we will know if you need a lift up the 30km to Beech Forest, this could save you as much as 4 hours.

Day 2, shorter but still EPIC, the hills in this one will test the best riders, 3 x 10km climbs which also mean the same in descending.  We have a great cut off point here that will eliminate 20km of the course if you are on the very go slow.  Again, we will take note of your numbers and there will be no DNF.

You will be riding OPEN to the Public roads.

First and foremost, remember that whilst we are travelling on extremely quiet country routes through the Otways, that nonetheless these are infact OPEN ROADS.
This means that there is always the possibility of encountering vehicles and or slow moving farm machinery.
It's vitally important that you obey all road rules and directions of marshals for the duration of the event.
Also remember that you are an ambassador for this event and your actions will reflect upon all of us.
At any time should you feel that you cannot continue you are requested to phone the support vehicle and follow directions from there.

GPX files and Course Maps

Here are the GPX files for both days, do with them what you do with any other GPX file.

2016 Otway 300 Day 1 - Updated

Day 1 Course Map

2016 Otway 300 Day 2 - Updated

Day 2 Course Map 


Event Schedule

Saturday - 2nd April - DAY 1

Day 1 (Stage 1) - Big Queen Stage

  • 165km (approximately)

  • Approximately 3500 metre of vertical gain

Start location - Grant Street - Across from the Forrest Brewery.

6am - 6.30am - Drink bottle / special food drop off - Forrest Brewery Car Park
Don’t be late for the drop off… 6.30am is the cut off.  Any food must be attached to your drink bottle. We recommend that you put your name on your stuff.
Crates will be at the Forrest Brewery Car park from 6am.

6.45am - Line up

7.15am - First Light

7.15am - Otway 300 Day 1 Start

Finish location  - Station Street, Forrest - Grassy Area adjacant to the Forrest Caravan Park

Expected Finishing times 

From 2.15pm - Elite riders: Approximately - 7 hours

From 4.15pm - Mid - pack riders: Approximately - 9 hours

From 6.15pm - Slow and Steady riders: Approximately - 11 hours

7.42 pm - Last light

*** If you think you are NOT going to make it before last light, but are capable of finishing. Bring along a Night riding lights. We would love to facilitate your finish if it comes down to that.

8pm  approximately 30 minutes - Sunday Course Rider Briefing and Day 1 Highlights. 

*** Daylight savings ENDS ***

Clocks go back 1 hour early Sunday morning.  Please ensure that you change your clocks / watches before you go to bed.  If you don’t you will miss the official start.  Most Smart phones should update automatically.


Sunday 1st April - Day 2

Day 2 - The King of the Mountain  (shorter but not easier day)

  • 125km (approximately)

  • Approximately 3000 metres of vertical gain (includes 3 x 10km hill climbs)

Start Location: Station Street - in front of the Forrest Caravan Park 

5.15am - 5.45am - Drink bottle / special food drop off - Tennis Court Carpark (next to the Forres Caravan Park). Don’t be late for the drop off… 5.45am is the cut off.  Any food must be attached to your drink bottle. We recommend that you put your name on your stuff. Crates will be at the Tennis Car park from 5.15am.

5.45am - Line Up

6.15am - First Light

6.15am - Otway 300 Day 2 Start

Finish location  - Station Street, Forrest - Grassy Area adjacant to the Forrest Caravan Park

Expected finish times.

From 12.15pm - Elite riders: Approximately - 6 hours

From 1.45pm - Mid - pack riders: Approximately - 7.5 - 8 hours

From 3.15pm - Slow and Steady riders: Approximately - 9  hours

1.30pm - 4pm - Lions club bbq -  Bring money / snag and a soft drink - You deserve it!

4pm - Otway 300 Presentations  - Grass Area outside Caravan Park


Communicaton throughout the event

Competitors should check this regularly for updates, changes and results.
FACEBOOK will also be used at a primary communication method. https://www.facebook.com/otway300/
YOU DO NOT NEED A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT in order to see this information.
Simply an internet connected device.
Due to the nature of the event's spread around the Otways and the long days of riding, participants are requested to make a special effort to check FACEBOOK for any unscheduled updates or any updates.
After both stages are complete results will be available on the website https://www.otway300.com/

Important information


Will be provided by our St Johns First Aid suppliers. There will also be other checkpoints out on course and radio communication will be on hand in case of emergency.


Forrest has MOBILE COVERAGE across pretty much the whole town and trail network. Generally speaking Telstra NextG phones work best out here.


Please read the following rules:

These rules can be modified before the start of the race
All riders must register in person with their MTBA licence and or a completed MTBA Day licence.
Riders must affix race numbers to their bike as directed, race numbers may not be altered.
The wearing of Standards approved helmet is mandatory, by Victorian law, and it is a requirement that all riders wear a helmet at all times during the event, including warming up, and around transition pre and post the event.
Riders must obey the directions (written or verbal) of event organisers, Directors and marshals at all times.
Riders are to obey the Australian Road Rules during all stages on public roads as all roads are open to traffic at all times.

Attendance at race briefings is mandatory for all riders.

Riders must obey all course directions, and are responsible for following the designated course. It is expected that riders will follow the formed line of the trail even if the course is not bunted (eg. the lack of the presence of bunting will not imply a lack of necessity to follow the formed trail)
Taking shortcuts shall result in the rider being recorded as a DQ. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that the correct course is followed. (There may be riders advised by course directors to take a deliberate shortcut to make a cut off time, we will have note of this and there will be no DQ or DNF recorded)

All riders must behave in a sporting manner. This includes not using abusive language or behaviour toward other riders and officials, and allowing faster riders to promptly overtake when safe to do so.
All riders will be encouraged to report “poor form” and any such incident may result in a DQ result for the offending rider.

Appeals must be lodged with the event Director within 15 minutes of the final times being posted for the event.
All riders must carry out what they carry in. Littering will result in expulsion from the event.
All bicycles are to be powered by human power alone.
If a rider withdraws for any reason, they must notify an official as soon as practical.
Riders pushing their bikes should give way at all times to those riding. They should attempt to walk on the least rideable portion of the trail.
Riders are only eligible for a place in the category they entered.
The event Director has the right to call off the race either before or during for any reason relating to rider safety.
If the race is called off after it has begun, as soon as you have been notified by a race official you are responsible for getting yourself back to the Event start/finish, with the assistance of race officials.
The event Director has the right to modify any stage and or part of a stage at any time.
This race information may change at any time.
Riders should render all possible assistance to any participant who is in distress or danger.
In the event of injury or accident, riders must stop to assist an injured rider, prevent others from entering the accident zone, and ask passing riders to inform a race official at the nearest check point notifying them of the incident.
If you stop to give assistance for a health or safety reason, a time adjustment will be made to your final time. Note that this does not apply if you stop to offer mechanical assistance.

These rules should be read in conjunction with standard MTBA rules.


You think it will never happen to you - until it actually does.
The points below spell out what to do if you have an injury,  a mechanical or worse, a catastrophe and are well worth reading.

Otway 300 is a partners event - this is part of the safety strategy. Stay with YOUR partner!

Step 1 - do you have mobile phone coverage? Call one of the race directors.  If no one answers, we might be out of range at that time.  Send an SMS with as much information as possible and maybe even a photo with injured rider and an idea of where you are.  If you are using RoadID and have sent us an invite to your ride, and are still for 10mins we will get a notification as well.

St Johns ambulance have 2 vehicles in attendance and will be rendering First Aid where possible, all other urgent incidents will require an ambulance.

Event withdrawal for emergency purposes – severe injury:

If you have a serious crash or injury whilst out on the course we suggest the following procedures:

  • If you are able and without incurring further injury, move off the actual line of travel so you are out of the way of other riders and cannot cause further injury to you or them

  • Stay on the course / track at all times - do not try and find your own way to a road by cutting ‘cross country’

  • Seek assistance from other riders as they come past - tell them to relay a message forward to the next marshal and checkpoint confirming your location and suspected injuries/call the Race director or SMS details.

  • Stay calm, use your First Aid kit. Help will be on its way immediately

  • We will have a ‘Sweeper’ driver/moto following the last riders along the course so they will come across all competitors along the course.

Event withdrawal for non emergency reasons:

If you wish to withdraw from the event because of fatigue, mechanical failure, injury or any other reason AFTER YOU HAVE REGISTERED please tell a race official or marshal. We need to keep track of what riders are out on the course so if you wake up on Sunday morning  (after having a few beers on Saturday night) with the flu and will not be riding, please tell us so we know you will not be on the course.

If you started the race and are out on the course and want to withdraw please tell the next marshal or sweep rider(who has mobile phone communication). MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE NEAREST MARSHAL CHECKPOINT. For non emergency withdrawals we can only arrange for support vehicle to come and pick you up from each checkpoint rather than anywhere on the course.

If you get lost or lose the trail:

If you think you are lost or have gone the wrong way we suggest you follow these procedures.

  • STOP! Sit down, have a drink of water and assess the situation with a clear mind.

  • Think about where you last saw a course marker – how far back do you think it was (200m, 700m or 2km?) Are there other bike tracks along the track where you are?

  • When you are certain you have gone wrong and can recall the last course marker, backtrack along the exact route you came to find the course. Be aware of how far back you have gone and try to limit yourself to what you decided. Use your bike computer or look at your watch for time.

STAY ON COURSE AT ALL TIMES – do not try and cut cross country back to a track or take a short cut. You are best to follow the route you came in on and go back the way you came.

If there is a fire:

We are in constant communication with DELWP, Parks Victoria and the CFA about the prospect of a fire in the region of the event. We have made a commitment not to compromise the safety of any competitors, any CFA, PV or DELWP personnel dispatched to attend a fire, any private landowners or the wilderness and surrounding areas as a result of the event.

If there is a fire in the area there is a chance that:

  • The course could change on the day

  • Start times may vary

  • The event could be cancelled.

  • We have a number of alternative routes that you will be directed along if necessary that will still allow the event to continue.

  • The event will only be cancelled if there is extreme fire risk in the immediate area and it is determined that the fire danger is too great to permit cyclists to go through the course.

  • Declaration of a Total Fire Ban on race day DOES NOT mean the event will be automatically cancelled or postponed.

Any change of course, evacuation or event cancellation for whatever reason, will be communicated to competitors as soon and as safely as possible, through any of the following means:

  • At Rider briefings, when riders are assembled at the start line

  • When riders pass a marshal checkpoint

  • All messages will be communicated through the Otway 300 Facebook page. You do not need to have a Facebook account to view the page. https://www.facebook.com/otway300/

Once again, either of these changes would be as a last resort but we must respect the landowners, residents, flora and fauna of this beautiful part of the world in extreme circumstances and we are sure you agree.

Code Red Day / Extreme Fire Day

If a Code Red or Extreme Fire Day is declared by the relevant authorities the event will be cancelled.

Major Rain event.

Should we have over a significant rain event in the week preceding the event, we will make the decision to cancel the event. This is due to trying to maintain the integrity of the trails.  Further, if we have significant rain during any stage, there may be course changes, which will be communicated via the marshals and checkpoints.

Event Cancellation

Any situation that causes the event to be cancelled will be communicated to participants as soon as practical. The event will most likely be postponed to a date that is next available.

Partner wants to pull out

Should your partner not be able to continue and you are fit to ride, we will allow you to ride solo.  You must let first possible marshal know this or advise us Saturday night if you are continuing alone, we would prefer to buddy you up with another pair and become a triple.  You will not be eligible for a category placing but you will not affect the position of the team you join.


Bicycle Superstore have offered their support for this event.
Basic fixes can be sorted enroute if they are close by, but they will be roving, have the most popular breakable bits and pieces in stock and will be billing you accordingly.
Their most important job is to get your going again using the right tools and making good of an otherwise bad situation.


St Johns Ambulance have 2 vehicles on the course.  St Johns are first aid equipped and are not an ambulance to take you to hospital.
Marshals will be directed to contact St Johns if you come to them with an injury that requires advanced first aid.
Basic First aid can be administered by yourself or partner with your first aid kits. 

Contact Phone numbers

Norm Douglas / Race director 0439 579520

Jess Douglas / Race director 0410 487936

Kylie Hayles / Event management 0439 791226

RoadID - eCrumb app

We've been using this great little app now for awhile and we love it.
It uses very little power and is completely free.

We ask that you please install it on your phone and use it during the Otway 300.

Please set it up with the following email address in the “notify these people” settings.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This will allow us to track as many riders as sends us an “eCrumb”.

Use the link below to install the app



Spectator Information

Does your family want to see you out on course. See below some suggested viewing points and some sights to see whilst you’re out there. Enjoy the beautiful Otways while your loved ones are out riding!

Day 1

Suggested viewing points:  

  • Top of Lardners Track / Corner of Turtons Track
  • Beech Forest Picnic and Recreational Area
  • Gellibrand River General Store

Sights to See on Day 1:

  • Beauchamp Falls
  • Hopetoun Falls
  • Ferguson Nourish Shed (recommended for lunch)
  • Beechy Hotel (recommended for lunch and a drink)
  • Little Aire Falls
  • Otway Fly

Day 2

Suggested view points:

  • Allevale Cottages  150 Allenvale Rd (Riders will be coming down the Sheoak Falls track)
  • Rex’s Corner - Murroon (Corner of Murroon and Division Road) 

Sights to see / visit on Day 2: 

  • Qdos Gallery / Cafe
  • Bushwalks
  • Lorne (many lunch spots)
  • Wineries
  • Dean’s Marsh - Bric a Brac / Galleries / Cafe