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Sandra Henry: “A perfect day in the magnificent Otways for 72km of crazy hills with my cool bunch, training for the Otway 300. There was hills, wildlife, hills, views, hills, coffee, hills, stacks, hills, and lots of fun.. not sure if I'm now excited or terrified at this big adventure ahead.”

In 2016, best mates, Gavin McCleish and Sean Henry entered, rode and finished the O300 with only a sniff of what was to come. Their attitudes were of adventure and ‘why not?’ This rubbed off on their equally adventurous wives, Sophie and Sandra, who saw the boys throughout the event at checkpoints, seeing how much fun they were having. These girls are best buddies as well and have done a multitude of Epic adventures, mostly of the running kind!

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It wasn’t long before they rocked up as a big friendly group to do the 2016 Chase The Dog in epic weather conditions, and survived.  It started to become apparent that the Otway 300 would be an achievable goal for Sophie and Sandra as well.  Two couples sharing a weekend of mental and physical toughness for the sake of adventure and finding out what they are capable of. The boys took the girls out on a reccy ride only last weekend, a shorter version of Day 1, clocking up 70km and 1500mts of climbing.  Soph contacted me just to get my opinion on their ability to survive and succeed.

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MON 15:04 - Sophie

Hi Jess. Long msg coming
Yesterday we rode the loop that you took Gavvy on last week. 72km. 
So although we finished in one piece I'm still questioning whether we will be able to finish the 300 (Sandra and I) I'm a realistic person and am definitely excited about the challenge. What I'm not excited about is the feeling that I'll be hating it for the entire time because we'll feel the pressure of keeping on moving or risk not finishing. Esp day 1….(many paragraphs missing for the sake of a quick story)
Your thoughts would be amazing xx


Hi Sophie, The next 100 km is a lot quicker....get comfortable with descending, and get comfortable with being out all day long. and being ok with that. 
Turning each 25-30 checkpoint into a chunk that you can knock off, a big fat tick box. It is tough but you two can do it, there will be highs and lows but...you will get to the end of the Otway 300 and nothing will ever be hard again. 

You will have a new level of toughness but a bond that is even stronger than now.

I challenge you to be a little scared but also be aware that there is help and there is checkpoints, there are good people out there helping you continue, and yes, you will do it again on day 2, and on day 2 it is easier and it is done and dusted in less time and there are some climbs you will have to walk sections....but that’s ok too.
I believe you can do it, I won’t say it will be easy, but you will reflect upon this in time to come and this experience will never leave you

Choose the attitude of Adventure, A mindset of Fun, and a weekend of Friendship...and a new level of What is Possible if you dare to test yourself…

It is so rewarding to see people like Sophie and Sandra scare themselves a bit, and realise that the choice now is to get prepared, choose the mindset of having fun and getting the ride done.  
Whilst the Otway 300 caters for the fast to elite rider, we do cater for the fit and able adventurer as well, so long as you possess the right attitude!

ENTRIES are open now, Pairs or Triples!


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