Matt on a road bike Dickie rd

We are stoked to see Matt Swann, owner of Life of Bikes, entered in the O300.

Matt, you have entered the O300 with Chris Early, what is your primary motivation for entering? 

I have been doing a lot more road and XC riding this year, because I really wanted to get fit again, and re-live some of my Junior days as a XC and road racer. I really love the time on the bike, and doing this event has made me super motivated to ride more, ride better, and has definitely motivated me to eat and drink much better.
The event looks fantastic and I am truly excited to be racing and enjoying this part of the country side in Forrest.
I have never ridden Forrest, and I have wanted to for so long. The other reason is just because it will be a huge challenge. Cant wait…. 

Matt, your history on the bike lends itself more to a DH kind of background. The O300 has a lot of down in it of course, because there is so much UP! 

I actually love climbing, always have. I have grown up in the Dandenong Ranges, and have always gone straight up and straight down, and now that I getting fit again, its even better. I am still hoping that the downhill sections give me a bit of a rest and catch up.

Chris Early top of Falls

Can you fill us in a bit of yours and Chris's racing/riding history? 

I have raced bikes for 25 years since age 9. Started with XC in the ‘good ol days’ with some very strong local riders, eg, riders that went onto Tour de France type riding, so I had good training buddies. I did a bit of road racing, and then went to the dark side of downhill racing for the last 17 years. I have raced National and some International races in downhill until recently.
In the meantime, always ridden MTB and road, and everything in between. Love going riding with the wife and kids too.
Being a business owner, and a family man, time is precious so every ride is very important to me, so I make the most of my time.
Chris, only started riding 2 years ago, and has very quickly become one of the hard men of our local area. He loves road and gravel grinding, and loves the BIG kays and BIG hills. He will be fine of the MTB descents, but I hope I can get a breather on these bits. His goal for the race is top 10…………. We will see…….mmmmmm.

So how is your UP hill training been going?

Great, love the hills……but ask me again on the 2nd April. Will be better when I get a few more kgs off.  

What bikes will you be riding at the event? 

Both on Norco Revolver 29er Dual Suspension

Will you wear lycra or baggies? 
Definitely lycra. Even though I’m a mad dog downhiller at heart, I still know the benefits and comfort of Lycra.

What kind of chatter do you get up to on long rides? Do you sing? Do you talk trivia? Do you get all D&M? 

Haha, I usually ride a lot on my own, so I love the serenity of silence.
Chris is a bloody chatterbox on the bike. It could be 300km of hell…… I could be a babbling mess on Sunday afternoon. 

Who will be the uphill expert? Who will smash the downhills best? 

I think we will be kinda even for a while, but Chris will have better endurance, so he might need to tow me home. Hope the downhills help me.

What do you hope to get out of the 2 day EPIC Otway 300? 
Really looking forward to the challenge and just hanging out on the bike for some epic scenery and trails.
I also love hanging out with other bike riders, and chatting and meeting others at events.

We are really looking forward to seeing you - thanks again. 

Thank you, and thanks for putting together one hell of a race for us to have a go……Will be awesome.