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Otway 300 has a Female pairs category in 2017, and we couldn't be happier.
Gee if I wasn't busy organising I would most certainly race this event.
So when I saw Amanda and Anne sign up as the 3rd female pair, this secured a proper podium for the event.

Lets meet them now!

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Amanda, you have just done the Pioneer and last year did the Croc Trophy, amongst many other races.
Can you give us a quick overview of what you have been up to the past few years? 

I just love riding my bike and seeing the most amazing places, in the last few years I have been to South Africa for JoBerg2c, The Croc and now just back from the Pioneer, a few 24hour races and Marathons.  The long stuff just works for me.

What do you enjoy the most? What sort of format? 

I love Stage Races as it’s my holiday and the locations are just truly amazing where we can ride, and then just hanging with your mates and the banter is always good.  However, 24hour racing is addictive as its truly a personal challenge.  

What has been the toughest event you have done so far?

Last year my mission was to complete an Everesting attempt for a good mate Jaysen Searle who was involved in a terrible accident while out training.  I started at Midnight, and so did the rain for the first 10hours it poured, I also managed to burn my feet the week before so completed this with 3rd degree burns to the top of my feet. Unfortunately I made the hard decision to pull the pin at 350km and 7850m.

Over the past 12 months what has been your training focus?

Mainly building the old diesel tank enjoy riding and being able to compete in 24hour events and be able to enjoy The Pioneer.  I’m so lucky to have the best training buddies that most of our rides are just a pure adventure and great time with laughter and banter. I’m always happy to finish with a big smile and a great day on the bike.

What do you do when you are not riding bikes?

Well I work full time as a Bank Manager and then live in the best spot in the world at Noosa so totally love being outside enjoying nature or hanging with mates coffee and beers.


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Hi Anne, I must admit a FB stalk and see you know my niece Nayelle - small world! Whats the mountain bike scene like in Gympie?

It’s definitely growing in town with the continuing development of our local MTB trails which are suited to everyone from kids, to social riders, to the more competitive. There’s plenty of trails available within 1hr of Gympie depending on what you’re wanting to ride!
How do you know Amanda?
I met Amanda thro

ugh the local cycling group a few years ago (Back when she used to live in Gympie). 

How did you guys team up for this event?

Back before she lured me to the dark-side of the MTB world, we completed the Peak’s Challenge on the Gold Coast together and discovered we had a mutual love for climbing hills, long rides and having fun. Joining forces for this was a no-brainer! 

Tell us about your cross triathlon events.  
Where have you raced and how long have you been doing this discipline?How did you get into mountain biking?

I started mountain biking just over 12mth ago as rehab after an injury. I’ve always loved adventure & the bush, so naturally fell in love with mountain biking. I decided to give Cross triathlon a go early last year at Lake Crackenback. The backdrop for the event & the challenge of mastering mountain biking and cross country running off the bike was just so addictive. I raced a couple of events in Queensland before returning to Crackenback for the ITU Age Group World Champs in November last year. 

What is the most fun thing you like about MTB'ing? 

I think the most fun thing about MTB’ing would have to be the characters that I’ve met! They are so laid-back, relaxed and super-supportive of each other out on the trails.....and they don’t say no to a post-ride beer or 2!

Amanda and Anne, how did you choose the Otway 300 to race?

Easy great concept, seeing another amazing place and sharing this adventure with your mate. Geez I’m going to have to behave on this one my partner is a ripper, let’s hope the old grey mare can keep up…

I second that....except that I don’t think you’ll have any trouble keeping up – might need to drag me around on the 2nd day!!! Bring it on!