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1 - 2 April 2017 - Forrest Victoria

As soon I as heard murmurings that this event was in the planning – I think the word was starting to get around at the 2015 Forrest Festival – I was transfixed. This would be mega and way beyond what I knew I was capable of – 100km marathons were as big as things had been for me.

That was the allure, take on something huge and figure out a way to get it done. And that we would criss-cross the Otways, some of the most majestic forest country going around as it rises above the world famous coastline, well that was just a bonus really.

We've always had a soft spot for the people of the Canberrabarvarian persuasion. None more so than the great "young padawan" Ed McDonald. 
A truly great read. Thanks Ed... enjoy relieving the first ever Otway 300.

Little write up from one of our course testers "Wally".... 

What a truely amazing weekend we had at the Otway 300 MTB race. Sorry for the long rant in advance!

It was my first two day race and I teamed up with Sally Williams.

Day 1 was 175k with ~3500 meter climbing and day two 130k and 2500m. Two massive days for both of us. Our goal was to finish. The event was so well run and all you to was a bottle drop and your usual MTB ride rituals before setting off. This left more time for nervs to develop and many of the riders feeling the same.